Thursday, February 01, 2007


"Suicide's an alternative" - Suicidal Tendancies...
"HOMICIDE" - 999

I killed myself last night and wish pain upon the false poker gods. I am playing in a 3 table MTT where I am clearly better than 2/3 of the field. I am running over my table and accumulating chips. At the final table, I am 4th in chips. 2 players go out and with 7 left, I could easily take this down. I need to bust a player and catch the chip leader in order to take the big prize. I am playing for top 3 here and dont intend to finish 4th. I am dodging and weaving very well, projecting the image I wish to project, never showing cards and trying to avoid costly showdowns. Then, I get KK and someone raises in front of me. We have equal stacks, but I will be the chip leader with this hand. Based on his position and bet size, I figure him for 99-JJ, MAYBE QQ. This is what I want, 4-1+. I push and he calls with TT. FLOP? 679. Turn 8. Gez. I want to strangle someone. I played WELL!!! I DESERVE TO WIN. (yeah right)

In the Mookie, I did not fare as well, although I went out in the top half of the field. I just could not accumulate chips and eventually ran my A-rag steal raise into AK. Bummer.

WPBT #2 is Feb 25th at 9pm and its PLO (at FT). I sent in the set up request. Same password, so you dont have to decifer the banner!

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