Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to the Fundementals

What do I have in common with a losing football team? I'm going back to the basics. Tackling, blocking, executing patterns, etc. Do the easy stuff well and then you can do the hard stuff. I needed someone to swap me in the head with that. So, for the next week, its back to ABC poker. Let's see how that works out...

Like the nostalgia of pulling into an A&W where they still have the window car service, I am playing with my trusty starting hand chart.

I can worry about adjustments late in the tournaments. For now, I'll start with some SnG action.

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Poker Bully said...

I have been silently reading about your travails lately and I have a suggestion.

I think poker is a struggle to find your true poker personality. I would call myself calculatingly aggressive. I have tried to play like a maniac and failed miserably. I have recently tried to play small ball with similarly horrific results. You can only be yourself.

Now this does not mean that you cannot improve or keep learning, it just means don't try to stick an aggressive peg in a passive hole.

You may want to pick up Negreanu's Power Hold'em book. You seem like you would do well with the small ball style. I hope this helps.