Monday, October 20, 2008

Warmer Doc... Warmer... Oh you're red hot Doc!

My deepest run yet in the 24k. Sure, I had 2 hands where I came from behind. Doesn't everyone in a field of 1374? As usual, I rarely had a large stack. Once I had 13k when the average was 7k, but most of the time my Q was between 1 and .6 as I would slingshot back to just above average with a big showdown. I doubled up with a well disguised set of Aces midway through the tourney and played pretty tight down the final stretch even folding a big OESD to an all-in bet. Also folded AK on the button to a limp and a raiser.

Unfortunately for me, with 33 people left, we had family dinner reservations. Mrs. Columbo was very anger and yelled, but also insisted I stay and finish what I started. I will be in the dog-house for sure now.

UPDATE: ummm, I wrote the above when there were 4-5 tables left.... Turns out it was much deeper than I expected!!! Um, MUCH deeper.

This is an automated message sent from Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Poker Tournament #65247619 $27,500 Guarantee NL Hold'em
Buy-In: $24.00 + $2.00
1374 players
Total Prize Pool: $32976.00
Start Date: October 20 2:00 PM ET

Dear columbo,

You finished the tournament in 1st place.
There has been $7254.72 added to your account.

Thank you for participating.

Thanks right bitches, Columbo wins the $24k. Of course, its costing me about $5k to get out of the dog-house, but my net is still +EV. So worth it, for more reasons than imaginable.

My biggest cash, eclipsing my finish at the Blogger Tournament last December.

There were few hands where I really had to go into the tank. Hands where I had 99 on a Q73 dry board, but opponent bet out. Those kind of things. What I did really well was applying the right amount of pressure at the right time. This time I knew what to do. It was like the difference between knowing how a sword works vs. understanding how to wield it. I think I also benefited from my 1/2 decade of playing 3 table MTTs. When we got down to 27 players, my strategic approach to the final stretch really paid off.

Thanks to the railbirds that witnessed the finish! Thanks to Hoyazo and his blog. Many thanks to acumen poker. Thanks to my family that was thrilled for me.


Cardgrrl said...


Shrike said...

Nice to see a big result.


mookie99 said...


NumbBono said...

Nice job. A well deserved score.

lj said...

congrats! awesome score!

BWoP said...


Anonymous said...

Brother, could you spare me a dime :P

w00t!! Congrats, man.

Snuffy said...

Boooooooom! I saw it from 5 people on down. Masterful.

cheer_dad said...

" and THAT, sir,.... gives me GREAT PLEASURE INDEED, Sir!!!"
episode Murder, Smoke, And Shadows

Incidentally, it'd cost me more to get out of hot water with my wife.



OhCaptain said...

Congrats! That was awesome! I was railing you on Twitter, not nearly as good as the real thing :-)

Treat the wife to something nice and enjoy.

StatikKling said...

Congratulations Sir! Well Played!

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Very nice! And with the added pressure, too. Way to come through, man.

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23skidoo said...

Well Done Sir!

For the record, my wife would probably be filing for divorce.

I'm sure 7k goes a little way to heal that wound though.

Unknown said...

Oh, come ON, your wife seemed pretty easy going to me, that HAS to make up for it.

Very well done Columbo.

gadzooks64 said...


Well deserved!

APOSEC72 said...


Nice job.

SirFWALGMan said...

Ohh Snap! Nice!!!!!

PokahDave said...

Boom indeed!