Monday, September 21, 2009

Lions working on 2010 game plan

ok, I think none of us expected the Lions to go from 0-16 to the playoffs. The organization decided to go on a true rebuilding project and are planning for 2010 even before 2009 kickoff. The are playing the rookies, shed "project" players on the DLine and started a 4th round pick at DT. In addition, they married themselves to the idea that they could teach 5 offensive lineman to run block. After week 1, it looked like a train wreck. But in week 2, there were signs of life! The Lions could run the ball and they did often in the first half. It wasn't until in the third quarter when Kevin coughed up the ball that the wheels came off the bus.

Stafford "ran" the offense, but continues to look like the same Stafford in the bowl game last year. The difference is pro defenses dont drop picks nor leave receivers uncovered. Kid better learn faster.

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