Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still thinking about Vegas dates

In the meantime, I fired up some online poker figuring I could play Omaha with the Europeans today. Could not find an O8B limit game, so I decided to play O8B-PL.

Thank goodness for full-size screen layouts. Pre-flop O8B raises always interest me, as they really show how udnerstands the game and who is just "kinda there". Really, who calls a RE-RAISE with 3 4 6 3 ? What are you expecting to flop to put you ahead in EITHER hand?

And I understand raises, but if you have AA69 rainbow, do you really want to RE-RE-RAISE POT?

I think in O8B, sometimes winning HIGH and splitting LOW is better than a scoop because no matter how high you bet, he is calling for 1/4 of the pot!

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