Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend of decent finishes

In what I like to call small-field events, I had some good but no cigar finishes this weekend.  In the AIPS on Saturday, I had a chance to win it after coming from behind early, only to get sucked out on with 3 left by the very person I came from behind on (sucked out on) in the middle levels.  I finished second.

Sunday, I punched a Main Event Shootout ticket (satellite) and then in the BBT5, won a ridiculous 3 out of 3 races to be right in it after the bubble, only to run into a must call situation.  There are 16 left and its raised up and I have 66 in position.  There can be lots of stealing at this point, and lots of raising with Ax, so I call and the flop is 678.  He shoves instantly.  This is an EASY call.   Why?  He does not have 9T raising this late from EP.  If he has 77 or 88, he is looking to get my stack, not get me to fold.  No.  He has 99-AA.  I HOPE he has AA here, but I expect 99 or TT, which clearly would explain the shove. 

I call to see the TT, meaning I have to sweat 6 outs instead of 10 (if he had 99), but BOTH hit as a Ten comes on the turn and send me home from a great run.  Bummer.  But, played well.  In these 100 player events (just like with a shootout) you are often forced to fold to most re-raises or large river bets, something I had been working on for the last two weeks.  I did make 1 hero call, and I was correct.  Much better than making all the calls and bleeding chips away.  Progress.

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