Thursday, January 06, 2011

Getting my feet wet

I sat down and fired up the virtual tables, encouraged through bonus clearing reinforcement. (It's just like MMORPG gold mining?). I played some $2/$4 and some 10 mix. Wild variance in the 10 mix left me even, and a moron at $2/$4 had my down $60 on a any-two-card-shove pre-flop until I took it all back from him and took a big hand off another eastern block player overplaying aggro poker. So I was up about $130.

Yesterday, I gave it all back in SnGs. A $24 SnG killed me when I was happy to have A6o call my KK pre-shove. Only to see it go down in flames. Meh. Starting with only $1500 in chips, I'll take that situation every time. In the larger $100 SnG I finihsed 4th, bubbling when I lost two significant hands on a dominated call. Not expecting that 4 handed.

But I did get some play in for a couple of days, and played relatively well, so there is that. I am looking forward to some live poker this Saturday!

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