Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Ugly State of Affairs

I have already admitted that losing online poker briefly helped my game. But now its killing it. Only play 2-3 times a month is no way to pursue a skill set. You can listen to guitar playing to know that! And MTT play is so feast or famine. I finished 5th and 25th in a couple of 3 table tournaments. Played both pretty well, but in the second one a short stack flopped a set on my KINGS, and then I am the short-stack. 8 hands later, I run a stop-n-go with AJ on a garbage board, just to get called by the big blind's improbable AQ. Cant say I would play either hand differently based on the situations and circumstances. So, there you go. But if I have online games, I can whenever I want to work on something. And now that Full Tilt has been found "short" covering deposits, it creates a longer road for all of us.

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

No doubt that one's game in a game like no-limit holdem -- that requires you to be "on your game" for every decision you make in every hand since your entire stack can be in jeopardy at any time -- will suffer greatly without constant practice. I've done ok since the ban in what few live games I've played, but I can feel myself missing reads and just generally making some wrong decisions all along the way. Practice makes perfect.