Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Playing with FIRE

I went to the local card room with a few hundred and a goal. Play like a maniac. I went up $100, then quickly down $200. But in the end, it was an old-fashioned simple hand that FELTED me.

8 handed and distracted table, I raise to $10 from MP with AT. 2 Callers, the cutoff and button.

Flop is AcKd7c. I check. He bets $30. I figure he actually has either a King or a flush draw. I call and intend to act on a non-club.

The Turn is another 7 and I figure I am good now. I want him to pay to draw and bet pot (about $100). He goes all-in and I am stuck since I only have $40 behind at this point and he could simple have a club draw.

Turns out he had 7c4c and made a LP call hoping to get a good flop. And he did.

I could have gotten away in different situations, but wanting to maximize action prior to my trip cost me a buy-in.

It's not so hard to put him on EITHER a K or a 7 here, but with the preflop raise, I convinced myself he had a KcXc. I was so sure that I went broke.

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KBI said...

Lol @ ”I was so sure I went broke.”