Friday, August 01, 2014

Summer Winding down

So as summer winds down I have some updates to post. I have decided to get serious about poker again. Not too serious, but more serious. I am participating at TPE, I am hiring a poker coach for 10 hours or so of instruction to help me identify trouble spots. I am putting $ on sites where I can practice (yeah for bitcoins), and I am enjoying my spring/summer past-time of enjoying cigars out on the deck.

One of the guys at CigarsCity sent me over some Rocky Patel Connecticut cigars which I liked. I tend to like the lighter smokes. I also like those Boveda humidity pack they ship in, these things work well. The site has Macanudo and Arturo Fuente too, so quite a discovery for me.

I've really been trying to concentrate on playing my hand against ranges and not over-reacting to bad turn cards. The latter being a long time leak I am trying to get under control. The first of the 2015 leagues start Saturday, and I intend to crush this year. Concentrate, play well, run good. The latter only being controlled by positive energy not track record.

As I ramp up for the perhaps final push into becoming the poker player I want to be, I think I'll try to sneak some exercise and mind/body maintenance in there too. Every little bit helps. I cut 200 calories a day out of my daily consumption (a mere 10%) and I have lost nearly 20 lbs. The weird side effect is loss of muscle strength in may arms, which I now have to over compensate to correct. Still, if I plan to live forever, better get started.


Memphis MOJO said...

A long time ago, I decided to go on a diet and the nutritionist where I then worked told me to be sure and work out. If you don't you lose muscle as well as fat.

Memphis MOJO said...

How useful do you find TPE? I've tried a different source for training videos and was dissatisfied.

I also tried some freebies at TPE and am skeptical about them as well.

1. the production is poor. No planning, no overall organization, etc.

2. I just listened to another freebie (dated May 22, 2014), and it's just a bunch of guys sitting around telling inside jokes that aren't funny and guessing the over-under on number of tables in the ME this year. I mean really?

Maybe I'm not giving them a fair chance. I would love to elevate my game with training videos, but don't have faith in any of the sites I've looked at so far.

Your thoughts are invited.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I think it is hard to "get value" from a training site... But I like TPE because it is a big more of a community atmosphere. There are some things I wished they did better, and I've made some suggestions, but I am working my way through the "university" series now (very long) and I keep picking things up that are helping me.

Memphis MOJO said...

Ok, thanks.

Linjade986 said...

Hey There Poker Wannabe.. Goodluck with your Poker Training.. I have just begun my foray into poker play as an amateur player too..Been playing for the last two years mostly on medium stakes.. I have gathered deep-stack playing improves my chances at Ring Game Poker.

Where are you based out of? Would love to follow our blog and see what more is to come.. Goodluck and May the Flop always be with you1