Monday, November 24, 2014

Foley MTT

The Hands:

Level 1, I have AA in the blind. Limper, then a raise to 200 (4x). I make it 600 and just raiser calls. Flop is T68 (2 diamonds). check/check. Turn is 5d. He checks, I make it 800, he check raises to 2250 and I call. I put him on QQ here with a diamond draw. River is 4c and it goes check/check. He shows a set of Tens with Td. I lose $2850 of my $20k.

I call raise with 66 (3 to the flop) and flop a set. all checks I recall. Turn is a K and I bet and get called twice. River is a King and I make a big bet and get called twice! back over $20k

100/200 level and I call a larger than usual 750 bet because another player called and I had a small pair. Fold when someone leads out $1500.

Fold second nut flush draw to what seems like (and is) a flopped flush leading out. he had 75s. did not want to chase.

Lagish guy really playing a good amount of hands now. Obvious deep stack cash player, willing to see flops (even a 3 bet pre hand) with ANY suited connector, 1 gapper suited, or pair. Flopped a couple of sets and is over $50k. BUT, I start 3 betting him pre-flop and when he misses, taking down nice easy pots.

called bet of 1100 again after a raise and a caller. 3 ways and I flop set again. But when I bet out $2k into the $4k pot, they both fold?

2 limper and I have 24o in SB. I make it 1100 and pick up 900 in chips unchallenged.

Lag raises from MP to 1000, I look at AA in SB and make it 2200. He calls. Flop is very dry 834 rainbow. He checks and I assume if I bet he folds so I check. I hope to get turn and river value. Turn is a K and he checks. I bet out 2k (just under 1/2) and he check raises to $6k. I now figure him for AK, so I call. River is a J and he bets out $8k (just about 1/2 pot). I make a crying call to see 34s (2 pair).

I never really recovered from this hand, working my 12k for an hour up to about $18k and with 21 BB shoved over an opener with 77 and ran into QQ.

Disappointing to say the least.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry it didn't go better.

2 limper and I have 24o in SB. I make it 1100 and pick up 900 in chips unchallenged.