Monday, August 03, 2015

2015-2016 League starts

well, League A month 1 is in the books and I took 2nd out of 29 runners. I would love to say that this is a reflection of all the hard work I put in, but I am not going to fool myself.

A incomplete list of what I saw at the table:

5x preflop raises post ante
blatant OBV bets (betting 1.5-4x pot on the flop)
shoving 50 BB+ preflop or on the flop with TP.
CALLING a check-raise on the River with TOP PAIR (ok kicker).
Bluffing their first 5 pots (betting all 3 streets) in LEVEL 1.
Little concept of bet sizing, zero concept of Stack to Pot ratios.
and sloppy deep stack play.

All this was exacerbated by escalating emotions and even a bizarre "acting out of turn" angle shoot. Really one of the sloppiest MTTs I seen in recent years.

Ok, so I guess I get some credit for surviving a minefield. But there were just so many tells, that at times I was overwhelmed with input.

Instead of celebrating I was wondering how I finished like 15th last year??? Of course, about 5-6 others dropped out.

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