Monday, April 11, 2016

The unbearable pain of coming close

I'll just post the hands I played over the weekend that contributed to me coming close, but being unable to really cash...

Hero UtG with AA in level 100/200. Effective Stack is about $9k
Open for 525.
folds to the blinds, who both flat.
pot if $1575
Flop is 2d5s6s.
The blinds both check and I make a C-bet of $700
SB folds, BB check raises to $3k

I thought this was a easy fold this early. Villain later claims to have had air and did it because he put me in AK. I guess I find that hard to believe, but it doesnt change my mind on his check-raise range here this deep. I expect it to be a set pretty close to 100% of the time. I don't expect to see Axs,but perhaps he overplayed As3/4s. Still think set most likely this deep.

In retrospect, happy with the fold here...

Level 300/600?
Player opens ($1500?) and I call from blind with AJs. Mine is the effective stack of 22BB.
flop 4d2dJd
I check, he bets $1500, I call.
Turn is the 4s and he fires again for $1500.
I fold. I cant quite put my finger on why I played the hand like this. I was suspicious the whole way, but especially when he fired that turn.

(He had QQ)

Prior to hand 3, I check raised two hands at the table. Both were big pots, both times I had air but was rep'g QQ. Both times the villain folded.
After the first big bluff, the VERY NEXT HAND. I call an all-in from a short stack that had about the amount I just won left. TT vs. AJ race and I lost. So back to the drawing board.
Second big bluff, the flop was J55 and I check raised all-in. Villain claims he laid down a J so I told him I had QQ. But I really had a ton of air.

Then hand 3 comes up...


Late stages. 20 BB 1k/2k/100
open Raise QJ to 5500, BB calls.
Flop is 9TJ and he leads for 8k.
Do you raise or flat here and why?

I raised to $21k and he folded, but not really happy with the result. I think I should flat here and let him bet the turn?


very late stages. effective (me) is 14BB at 3k/6k/500 (about $85k in chips).
I open with QJs for to steal the blinds, blinds both call.
flop is 544. all check
turn is a Q.
SB fires out for $45k into a pot of $45k. (BB folds)

I am kicking myself all day here. He had somewhat advertised earlier (not sure he knows that) about his bet sizing tell. He get greedy (over bets) with his big hands.
When he bets pot here, I should smell the 4... (he had 34s). But because of the late stages and how I dont put the 4 in his range (or did I just glaze over), I go broke here.

So stupid? I think so. I missed a signal that I just could not afford to miss.

91 runners, paid 10 places, finished 20th.


Memphis MOJO said...

I raised to $21k and he folded, but not really happy with the result. I think I should flat here and let him bet the turn?

On a board that coordinated, I usually regret it if I get cute. You won a nice pot, so what's wrong with that?

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I worry so much about losing value. I know if he was 2 pair, I am still drawing live... Based on a LEAD out here though, it screams, "I have second pair".