Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Full event 56 recap - Day 1 of 2

Started with plenty of recreational players and a low table draw. Lots of time to study my opponents here. No headphones. Tables start 6 handed. $7500 starting chips.

Limper on the first hand. Gez.

KK third hand. Yawn.

Reg sits down on my right in the 1 seat.

I made a frequency based raise with a borderline hand, opponent folds. I dont have details recorded.

L2: Open EP 99, I get a couple of callers. Flop 67A. My C-bet gets called by button. Turn is an 8. Fire second barrel and get check raised. OESD or not, too early to play big pot with 99 here. I am not sure I should fold here, but it was a large bet and I would have to hit my 10 outer to win the pot. I dont have the correct pot odds and I fold.

My AA raises and just the blinds to call. Flop a set. Not going to get action :(

At the end of Level 2, I have $9k. Not a ton, but more than the $7500 I started with...

In L3 we already have a short stack who shoves $2k at the 200/400 level. I decide to call in the blind with KQs. He rolls KK but the run-out give me a flush. Not my greatest moment, but I've never run good in a WSOP event before, so I feel really excited about such a small pickup.

In level 5, I am dealt KK and the flop comes out ThQc8c. I c-bet and he check raises! I dont get why and I dont see the logic of doing that here with a flush draw. I decide I have equity here and I call. The turn comes Jc and I decide to shove (for value I thought with all the redraws, but maybe I turned into KK a bluff. I considered this as a hand in my shove range here in the moment). He folds. (This hand is similar to a much lesser extent, to the monster hand coming...)

I finish level 6 at $16.5k, higher than my highest chip count in all of Event 29, so yeah me.

Most of level 6 I am card dead... I finally get a big hand, but get no action. Not too surprised based on the amount of folding I was doing recently.

Towards the end of L6, I have 99 and I get a position caller. I c-bet and he calls that also. I dont lose anymore money here when he shows the flush. Dont know why he let it get to showdown.

A couple of times, I have decent hands but have to fold them preflop either because of position or too much action. I do manage to scrap together some pots though and end up at $22k at dinner. Just about 18 BB when we return, so not great. I feel at home at the table, I dont have a villain at the table who I feel I cant play head to head with.

L7: After the break and after some more folding, I lost a small pot opening AK. I am worried now about my stack size... I also folded the AK a bit prematurely, so I know my stack size is on my mind.

End of L7 (about): It folds to me on the button and I raise QTs. The SB has 10 BB and shoves. I lost track of his stack size and I am mad at myself, but I cant compound the error by folding. I call. He shows K7s. I hit a T and pick up some chips here. I am now at about $21k going into the 300/600 level.

MONSTER TOURNAMENT HAND - see previous post.

Just a few rotations later, I open with QQ and get 3 bet by the guy who keeps showing up with big hands in the 4 seat. I am worried about how tight his 3 bet range must be, but decide I am not shoving pre. I call. Flop a SET!!! Life is good, poker is easy, etc. He calls a simple c-bet. Turn is a K and I have a perfect reason to check. Tricky I hope, I want him to put me on a marginal pair. He checks behind. On the river I bet $10k into about $15k. He says, "Good bet" while he tanks. In the end he calls and just shakes his head. I dont know what he had. I honestly didnt care at that point. For the first time I got a set paid off at the WSOP and I feel like for once I am the one who will enjoy some "run good".

At the end of L7, mostly from these 2 hands, I am at $65k!

L8: I raise AJ and get a caller. The flop is AKT and again a c-bet gets check raised by the 9 seat. I call. I've seen him play for 2-3 levels now and he is that guy who plays any two suited. He won a bit pot with J5s earlier. The turn is a second Ace. I am no longer afraid of his range. I let it check through. The river is another K and he bombs the river for pot. Big pot already, but I correctly raise anyway and he folds in disgust. (In L9 he takes the same line on someone else, gets call down, but this time he made a flush.)

I finish level 9 with not much further climax, with $79k.

I decide to press a bit. I open a hand with J9s from middle position. I get called by a guy who I think is playing too tight. I flop nothing, but c-bet. When he flats I decide to watch the board for an opportunity to run the Bet-Check-Bet line. We both check the turn. The river 3 flushes the board and I make a 80% pot bet. He hems and haws, but folds while commenting that he thought I was bluffing, but it was too much to find out. Perfect.

I bag $81k at the end of the day. I discover later that I am somewhere around 45th place in chips. Feels just like an online guarantee MTT now...

When I left I saw 305 left, but I'll later discover we'll start the day just 30 from the money.

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