Friday, March 07, 2008

the afterMATH

In the blogger skillz game, I learned on thing. My STUD game is WEAK. Somehow I just dont play enough hands. So, I am really soliciting advice here. What is you starting range of hands in STUD? I like to start with either a pair, 3 connected cards or 3 suited cards or 3 broadway cards. But by 5th street, if I have a "single pair below the door card of a raiser", I am typically folding. If I had a draw hand and dont improve on 4th or 5th, I fold. And I wont play with any hand below these when someone completes. So, this is causing me to bleed to death. What should I do?

At the Mookie, I had to lay down middle pair to a re-raise. With the stacks back at 1500, I was now working with 900 chips and chased average for an hour before losing back to back races and going out midway.

On Thursday, I' d love to tell you some great story, but in reality I was playing rock-band with the kids and missed the start. lame. Damn that's addicting.

So, next week its time to come out guns blazing... see you then.

Oh, by the way. I set up a myspace page for "columbo" at which is also lame.


lj said...

does your facebook page have the same name? :-)

bayne_s said...

My starting hands are same as yours in stud.

I noticed you left off rolled up as a starting hand.

I don't recall ever having opportunity to play that either.