Monday, March 03, 2008

BBT3 kicks off with a bang

I played in my home game series on Saturday and since I had my seat all but wrapped up, I tried to be more loose. I sucked at it. I passed and opportunity to test AK with my 88 and yet what else can I want? If I decide to play loose and I am afraid to re-raise with 88, call it a night.

So when BBT3 kicked off, I took my lessons from Saturday and a good run of early cards to take a big early chip lead to 25k. It would never eclipse that. But what really surprised me was when I noticed a player moving up quickly to 9k in chips. It was Scott Fischman. Ugh.

Later, he moved to my table. As a matter of fact, at one point the 4 chip leaders were all at the same table. But what was more interesting was that Scott was employing the Surflexus strategy of 'taking on all comers'. He would even call a raise then a shove with T6o! and somehow come out on top. It was unexplainable... really.

I ended up finishing in the bottom of the money, 18th. Sad when you think about the early mountain of chips.

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