Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PLOw me!

I finished 5th last night in the skillz PLO tournament. Again, having to defend a hand against a disgruntled holder of AA. I never get that. Big pairs in Omaha not holding up? Who would have thought?! To me, having AA in Omaha is like having AK in NLHE. You need to IMPROVE.

Anyways, I always struggled in PLO to determine starting ranges (same with Stud-7 hi only). I look back over the hand histories and the real story is that I played too FEW hands and paid to much in blinds/antes. I don't make that mistake now.

In this tournament, calling a pre-flop raise with 678T was not only justified, but essential. PLO is a game of peek and dive. Peek at a flop, dive out of the way of the scrapnel after it comes.

And worse, when you do flop a straight on this hand and the pre-flop guy was "moving to build a pot", I often disregard 2 suits on the board as "dangerous". The real story is not the AA pre-flop raise, but he unjustified call to the river with it. That board screamed "crack" at the top of its lungs as far as I could see.

I twice got my money in good and lost, once complete with a flush draw, OESD draw and 2 pair to boot. The ultimate drawing flop in PLO. I lost half my stack. haha.

But I was really happy overall because for the first time in a long time (if ever), I played PLO without making a huge and fatal mistake.

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