Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ok, so I had variance coming after wining the Hoy. But gez, I have been crippled in FOUR tournaments out of 6 since, getting my money in way ahead. I know, I know, play not results. But I dread flying to vegas, signing up, plunking down my $1500 (despite the fact I won my way in) and then watching someone get all there money in with a pair and hitting a set on the river to send me home.

I should stop thinking about these things and take my loses like a man instead of some whiny blogger. But its alot easier to dismiss $10-$25 than it is to watch $1500 go out the window...

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Shrike said...

I might have laid out a bad beat on you last night in RC with the Asian Jew ... if so I'm sorry!

I managed to do that to two people yesterday, and lost three other times. So it was +EV. ;)