Wednesday, July 02, 2008

MGM Detroit

Another night of checking out the casinos. I saw the new Motor City card room last night, so tonight it was to check out the new MGM card room.

On a second floor, its spacious and casual. Unlike the MC room, there was no wait and I got to sit down right away. We even got to play 6 handed for a while.

The 1-2 play was attrocious. I mean really, really bad. It put me in a bad mode, but I did what I was supposed to do and took about $300 from the table in a few hours. No real amazing hands, but the reads were sooooo easy. There was one hand where I have a straight draw and a flush draw and so I bet. My opponent calls. On the turn, a blank, I bet again and he hems and haws and starts calculating his odds. I gave him about 3-1 and he figures that out and he calls. (its at this point I realize we have close to the same hand). So when the board pairs on the river, I move in and he says "oh man, you just made quads!" and he folds. (I actually have 7 high). But I let him believe as I raked the pot. He was so sure I had pocket sixes, that he figured I made quads. Hilarious. well, sad too.

A hand much later in the night was interesting... I flopped TPTK and this girl check-called my flop bet. On the turn, SHE bets out like $15 in to a pot of $90. I cant help but mutter aloud, "that bet makes no sense". I look over at her and she raises her eyebrow almost like she is trying to look suave. I tilt my head, pause, and move in. She folds what I have to think was a draw and the $15 was a blocking bet. lame.

Just in my last rotation I picked up my first set in two nights (well over the 9 hands average) and the other guy raised preflop so I put him on an AK type hand. The turn is a K and I started making value bets. He put in about $70 on two streets, suspecting but not escaping.

And AGAIN, two hands before I get up to leave, my only AA of the night, but I had only one caller and he folded to a continuation bet. I turned it face up with a dealer toke and decided to leave right then.

Overall, I liked the room, but I'll have to play the 200-500 next time.


Unknown said...

Did you bet on the flop with your set? If not I probably lose $70 on that hand as well if I have A-K. Does that make me a bad player?

Justin Yeary said...

Did you have the pelasure of meeting Marvin, the fat Middle Eastern man who is there literally every night of the week and bitches at the dealers because he plays shitty hands and loses?

Other than that I thought your summary was accurate. I don't mind the vast number of donkeys though: 95% of the time I walk away $100-$200 richer than I came in with. The room itself is very nice, but I think the waitresses need to be a little more active, because it seems like I have to ask a pit boss for a waitress every time.

But in terms of the players and environment, spot on in your review