Sunday, July 20, 2008

trying something newish

When I decide to play a hand until the point I release it, I am asking myself a question. "On what street do I wish to apply the pressure?" It is more than it seems. It's about predicting the pressure point instead of waiting for it to come up.

one of the things I am trying to avoid is letting my opponent have a betting line that does not benefit me in any way, such as call-check-check. He floats my flop bet, maybe with a draw, maybe with bottom pair. Now I have to break his betting line. So I predict that the pressure point is the turn or the river, depending on what the board is. Typically, the turn.

sometimes this line of thinking helps you decide when to come over the top of someone. it also helps to keep the aggression factor in you game. Sure, it can backfire with hands like AQ pre-flop, but you have to work past that.

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