Sunday, July 06, 2008

On the road for 10 days

From 3rd - the 13th. That is a long time. So, not much poker now, but I will be in Austin this next weekend... maybe something will come up. I also have "online league night" on Wednesday that I will try not to miss, so I will probably play the mookie also.

I am sorry about the twitter issues. Its why my twitter is not being updated. Because its so hit or miss right now. and the loss of the IM updating is really a death blow.

I picked up yet another poker book, the "secrets" one Hoy mentioned in a post at the end of June. Gee, its only my 20th or so... ridiculous really. How much can I learn about hold'em?
Maybe I'll just find out. I am thinking about taking a few hours of guidance from a pro... Will it be worth it? I think I have to find out. More on that in August.

For now, survival in a dying economy. Off to the airport...

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