Wednesday, September 02, 2009

All the Blogger games gone?

Next week school starts again, which means weeknights at home. I started to look up the old standard blogger games, but it seems they are gone...

Mookie? gone
Riverchasers? gone

I did sign up for the Skillz rotating games on Tuesday the 8th. Last time I signed up, I was the only player :(

The Mookie is kinda replaced by the ANTE-UP series and a new Detroit online league on Wednesdays, so that is ok.

Is the blogger BIG game still around????

I have noticed on Sunday, Gambit may have a game at 9pm, but I did not find it on his site.

There is a low buy-in 2+2 forum PLO on Thursday, but its at 7:05pm which is an awful time. There is also the twitter poker tour that I have not tried yet...

Gadzooks used to maintain a google poker calendar, but I dont think its been updated in quite some time...

Any other leads? (See you in December!)


SirFWALGMan said...

Mookie is not gone. Just low attendance lately.

gadzooks64 said...

I'm still doing the calendar but so many events have just fallen off. Not much going on right now.

There was a PokerSoup event scheduled when there was no PokerSlut event to play on Sunday nights and I think it still shows up as a recurring event but it's not played much.

We also regularly play the Booze Cruise (HA) hosted by SmBoatDrinks on Tuesday nights.

Geoff Manning said...

Would love to have you play the Twitter Poker Tour! Thursday is always NLHE but we have a PLO8 game on Friday nights.