Monday, September 14, 2009

Tight Plays and Dark Days

Saturday was league night and I brought my A game. I played my hit good hands well early on, and made it to the final table. With 5 left, I laid down AKs to a tight re-raiser. He had QQ and I ran from the race, like a little girl. Then, when a different player made the same move, I called with AK. He had JJ and on the river I hit the Ace. With 4 left, I laid down an AJs to an all-in pre-flop, only to be shown A8. But I dont feel too bad about that one...

I eventually went out fourth, when I picked off a steal raise with JJ and his K5 made a boat.

I am not always sure what drives these weird decisions to lay down AK or AJ 4 handed. I may just be way too tight and/or analytical.

But I did have a fun time at the final table breaking a player a few hands after he yelled at me for asking how many places we were paying. Seemed like a fair question to me with 7 left.

As for my Lions, woes be them. QBs continue to put up record numbers, and since we dont play Tampa, Oakland, or the Rams, its going to be a lean season for wins.

Still, 1 game does not a season make, so I will wait one more before crying in my soup.


The Dyer said...

Hiya, I couldn't agree more about tight play when you are getting close to the bubble. As it happens, I called an all-in with AK in a tourney last night and busted to Queens so folding isn't such a bad move at all. Check out my latest post on it -

Tom (The Dyer)

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the cash.

The Lions won't compete for the playoff, but they won't be pitiful like last year. I think they're headed in the right direction.

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