Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am the Lions of the felt

Just like opposing QBs seems to have their best day vs. the Lions defense (especially last year), donks seem to have their best day against me. Stacked last night against all odds. In an hour, have only committed my stack to 1 pot. Other than that, never had more than 8 big bets in a pot. Player on my left, watching the entire time, know this? I raise pre-flop. He re-raises. I push in my 50 BB. What do I have? What does he have?

Its EASY to put me on AA here. But did you put him on KK? Of course, but no. He had AK.
K-y-z-x-K. RIGHT. OK.

Enjoy your big day of stats vs. my 4-3 defense.


Ninja said...

Wannabe Sir,

I've read your entire archive over the last week or so- I also commented sort of randomly on a post from like 18 months ago...

I busted failed to cash in our newish home game last night when in the two hands I played people called bets/raises with nothing then sucked out. Losing to suckouts is terrible, but losing to people who don't know what sucking out is... well, that is a special flavor of terrible.

Anyway, I leave in a couple hours to play in an HPT event (I'm from San Jose, CA) and I expect it to be just like Bay 101 but instead of asians there will be guys in trucker hats.

Oh! I forgot why I was commenting. What do you think is the better satellite approach:

85$ STT, 2 advance to a second STT, and 2 of those advance to the main event...


360$ MTT where 20% advances?

My STT skills are pretty strong, but I also suspect that enough people do silly reckless stuff in that sort of MTT that I might be able to just premium hand only my way into the top 20%... But I've never played this format so maybe I am crazy?

Any advice?

Ninja said...

Shoot, this is just so I can turn the "send me updates" thing on.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

Take the 20%. Making the top 10% requires skill and luck. Making the top 20% is skill and avoiding being all-in without better than 2 pair.