Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Big OMAHA question

How are you supposed to play a FLOPPED STRAIGHT in PLO with ZERO REDRAWS???

Board is KQT with 2 hearts and you have AJs and a pair like 88. Now, what is the proper play here????

Assume you act first and 4 saw the flop.


SirFWALGMan said...

Totally doomed.. lol. Is this limit or PL? The books I have read on limit say to take it a little easy on flops of straights and sets especially on a flush draw board.. then hit it harder on the turn when the odds improve for you.

VinNay said...

I tend to agree with waffles. Check-call the flop. No heart comes n the turn you pot, re-pot, etc.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Ray Zee, Bob Ciaffone, Cloutier and others tend to agree -- when you flop the straight and 4 others are in there and there's a flush on board, at least one of those guys likely has the flush draw, and you're not getting them off that draw even with a full-pot bet, especially with 4 people in to see the flop. So why bother betting it strong every time, when you know the flush draw will be getting the odds to call anyways. Wait till the turn, then fold if you think he made a flush, or push hard there where you can clearly ensure that there are insufficient pot odds for a 1-card-to-come draw to stick around.

Drizztdj said...

Always wait for the turn to show aggression.

This isn't passive poker. Unless you can get your stack in the middle on the flop, wait for turn.

Of course, in optimal conditions you'd have re-draw (even a runner-runner type) otherwise put on your fading boots and prepare to fade the flush and boat draws.

Jon J said...

I think that stack sizes really matter in determining the right play.

If stacks are deep (80-100 BBs), I think a good move is the check/call on the flop (or check/raise if you think you can "sqeeze" out some weaker draws) and then full pot bet on the turn when you're first to act and a brick comes off.

If stack sizes are medium or small, I like check/raise on the flop and try to get all in on the flop as favorite to set or a flush draw. Getting all-in with the nuts on the flop can't be all that wrong. I think you're only a dog to someone else with the nuts + a redraw or someone with a "huge" draw (15+outs)...which is possible I guess, but not frequent enough to make you avoid gambling in this spot.

Bayne_S said...

It's not the naked flush draw you fear it is the dude with the AJ as well as flush draw or the dude with a set and a flush draw that is still 3:2 favorite or even worse if he has gutshot too.

Wait until blank turn to show aggression