Friday, April 21, 2006

Time has come today...

"I am leaving to pick up the pizza, be back in 10!" and she left.
I opened up the laptop and fired up Party poker. I wanted a quick, low stakes NLHE game that I could drop into for 2-3 rotations and log off. I knew that being rushed would mean I may end up down a few bets, but I had not played in four days and just could not resist.

First rotation of table, down 6 BB.
Second Rotation of table, now up 40 BB (someone paid off my flopped set. more to the point, someone with TP tried to push me off my set)
Third rotation of table, not up 50 BB and time to logoff.

Best return ever as it was 50BB in 15 minutes or a rate of 200BB/hr! W00T!

So what if it ins't a valid sample!!!... um... shut up!

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Shelly said...

fun fun fun!