Sunday, October 29, 2006

Godfather 3

So just as I complain I can no longer play poker, I get dragged back in. A HORSE tournament hosted by the ANTE-UP podcast. Since my Columbo segments have moved over there, I have been trying to play all the events. Through 7 of them, the best I could muster was a 9th.

But HORSE requires a lot more than luck. Plus its all limit and its a value betting game. It requires minimizing risk and playing big pots with big cards. That's what I do to a fault.

36 players, I finished 1st. :) I guess the word of my demise (in my head) was a bit pre-mature. Plus, I have a business trip to Vegas in 3 weeks...

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Anonymous said...

Big congrats there, Columbo. Well done.