Saturday, October 07, 2006

Some hand (ante-up short handed tourney)

Played 6 handed and was in the top ten for a while. Then my KQ flopped TP and lost 2/3 of my stack to AK. I was crippled.

The new big stack, then gets sucked out on at he river and is back to an average stack.

This player now looks like he is tilting when he pushes all-in pre-flop on the very next hand to a EP 3x raiser. But what's this? I have AA.

I call, as does the EP player with JdQd. And watch the fireworks...

And as the cards come one street climax after another, all we can do is gape and read our fates.

I later lose another hand with TP KQ vs. AK but was still 10th overall at that point with 24 left at the break.

I ended up 12th when I decided to get cute. The player in the big blind loved to re-raise me. So on the button, I min raise with AK. both blinds call. the flop is 443 and I go all in. The SB had 45. And so it goes...

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