Monday, December 17, 2007

The Big Game and the last BBT2 event

Its the Sunday night Big Game to cap off the BBT2. It's a 5 table MTT and at the first break, we are only down to 4 tables. Second break, 3 tables. I am playing extremely well, making excellent decisions and maneuvering well. As time progresses, and we go down to 2 tables, I am still above avg. With 15 left, I am briefly the chip leader by 100 chips at 25k. Maudie doubles up to 40k....

I am folding too much...

There are 10 left. I briefly well BELOW average and took the blinds to get just above avg. We are 5 handed, and Maudie is two to my left. On both sides are players who also have about $25k which is avg only. Blinds are 500/1000/250 and I want to accumulate chips in this bubble period (pays only 5 places).

Maudie raises UtG to 3500. Now, for some reason I cant fathom, I know what here range is with that bet and I put her on A9-AJ. Folds around to my in the SB and I have A9s. Now, I dont think this is a great hand by any stretch of the imagination, butI believe that at the bubble, the big stack would never call off 50% of their chips with AJ. So, I push all-in, knowing there is no way she can call. She is too solid of a player for that.

But she does... with the AJ. I am floored. (and I am out!). It was either an incredible read or a bad call with great timing. Maybe both. I have got to hand it to Maudie here. I had only shown down KK, AK, and 77 at this table. If I am in her shoes, and I raise UtG with AJ and someone pushes for $21k (not a short stack!) and I can fold for $3.5k and REMAIN the big stack in the tournament OR I can call, expecitng to race for half my stack, I am folding. And easy fold.

Yet did she somehow know I was capable of this? Did *I* even know I was capable of this?

If this was not the last shot at a BBT2 seat, where only first mattered... or maybe we were closer to the bubble? Hard to say.

Someone comment here and tell me I was insane to attempt this. I would never have tried this in riverchasers, but this was the Big Game! Am I trying to be too tricky?


Shrike said...

I thought you made a great move and was equally surprised that Maudie called with AJs.

Well played. It just didn't work out that time.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather make a move like that when holding complete air than something like A9..especially if you have a read that you're dominated. When you're dominated, you need a hell of a lot of fold equity for the steal to be the right move.

23skidoo said...

Not having any other context I'd say that is a strange move by Maudie as well. Having played with her in Okie Vegas, I can attest that she is a thoughtful and cagey player. I'm sure she would give you her thoughts on the hand if you asked.