Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Mookie (Play for first)

Well, with two BBT2 events left, and me without a seat, I wanted to win this, not cash. So when I built my stack up to 6k (about 1k above avg) and I flopped top two, I expected to win a pot. But the pot got huge when RaisingCayne could not figure out where his FOLD button was. Instead, he accidently calls with nothing but a flush draw... If I win this 2-1 favorite race, I am second in chips and make a run at the seat. Instead the 3s drops like a brick out of a robot's ass on fourth and IGHN.

I have only my longshot riverchasers and the BIG game on sunday left... and no $69 tokens left. Better get to work...

1 comment:

KajaPoker said...

Let everyone know I am putting a $20 bounty on twoblackaces if he is knocked out outside the top 6 in the Big Game.

Good Luck!