Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brain Exploding... Thought on... well EVERYTHING!

My brain is overloading! I must dump thoughts into text. Here they come... Brace Yourselves!

1. I FINALLY got iTunes to work with windows 7 x64. How? In the words of Justin Bateman on my favorite sitcom of all time It's Your Move, "You're gonna laugh..."
I had to turn on C-State Tech in the BIOS. What is C-State Tech?
"Its a technology by intel which allows the OS to independently lower the frequency of the cores when the need be thus saving power. If it's disabled then both the cores will run at a fixed frequency. Enabling it will allow the OS to make the core's run at different frequencies thus making optimum use of power."
Umm, HUH? Anyway, based on this it should be DISABLED on a desktop, enabled on a laptop. Yet, the iPhone will not tolerate it being off. Gez.

2. Memeo connect (for google apps). A desktop add-in that creates a virtual sync link for google apps. This could be a game changer for google vs. word/excel.

3. RUSH poker from Full Tilt. WOW, I dont even know what to think of this. I am going to test it out today and this week and report back. But think about this: no poker tracking tools are worth a damn during the game. Ha! BUT, the "flash" implementation of "last hand" is killing me on x64. There is no x64 version of flash, although adobe has promised it in v10.2 (10.1 is in beta now).

4. My XBOX is finally fixed and I accept the fact that I will play that in the evernings for a while vs. poker. I just wish I had more friends!

5. The Lions have the SECOND pick in the draft. They need to fill 5 starter positions on Defense. If they draft ANY offensive player on Day 1, just write us off again.

That being said, the CBA is doomed for 2010. Doomed.

6. RockBandNetwork is coming in the next 3-4 weeks. Might be good, might be gosh awful. We shall see. I am going to get a "You rock guitar" when they come out which lets you use a real guitar with Rockband. Should go over like a Lead Zepplin.

7. The White House now has an iPhone app. That is actually BRILLIANT.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice call on "It's Your Move", man.
Remember The Dregs of Humanity? I could never forget.

Mattazuma said...

Re: iTunes, it's really odd, I've been using win 7 x64 since the beta a year ago and have never had a problem with iTunes and my iphone.

Lots of veterans are going to get cut in the off season. No cap means no penalty for cutting guys who got large signing bonuses. 50:50 if they play a full season in 2011.