Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fire in the hole

There has been a recent theme in poker blogs about min-cashes. Feeling like an expert on the subject, I feel the need to comment or contribute.

Thought on the min-cash

1. Depending on your mood, this really really sucks or is a feel-good save of the day. IF you are playing well and then a suck-out happens just inside the money vs. some donk open-shoving with A2, then yes you are going to feel bad. On the other hand, if you have been getting beaten up for 2 hours in the middle levels and still squeak into the money, then it can be quite encouraging.

2. I recently have run up a monster string on min cashes. It almost feels like I can walk into any tournament and finish at the 12% mark. But getting to the real money has been a real challenge in 2009 and its a matter of the A game not coming out in the last stages.

Recently, the hand of the bubble even, a cut-off limp, SB limp and I check the BB with K5o. Flop is King high (K86). Not bad. rainbow even. Everyone checks for their own reasons. Turn is a 5. Check to me and I bet. cutoff folds but the SB raises. What do I do? I re-raise. But I do it without thought, my course pre-determined at this point. He shoves and what do I do? I insta-call! Sad really. Even if I am correct, which I am not, that is a BAD play. Worse, I know it. (He had 97o, aka the nuts).

So, if you have 1 min cash, do not lament what could have been. But if you are having a series of min-cashes as I am, perhaps your B game is getting in the way or your A game...

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Well said. One min cash, or one big tournament bubble finish, is no big deal at all, and just from the math is bound to happen to everybody eventually.

But a whole series of min cashes or tournament bubbles over time ought to tell you (1) that you are playing too aggressive once the bubble hits, or, more likely, (2) that you are not aggressive enough leading up to the bubble, such that when the bubble occurs you are constantly on a short stack and soon eliminated.