Monday, June 20, 2005

am I an idiot, part III

1/2 NL. Pre-flop raises are ridiculous with players calling a raise of like $25.

I get AQ and make a pre-flop raise of POT. There were 3 limpers already and one of them reraises my 4xPOT. I fold.

10 minutes later I have not played a single hand. I get AK and raise it POT. Once again, I get RERAISED and another player calls BEFORE it even gets back to me. This is ridiculous. I re-raise all in and they BOTH call with 55 and QQ.

Now notice something here. This is actually GOOD. I get 2-1 on all of this and only need the AK for which I am 50%.

I of course, get nothing and once AGAIN bust in a ring game. WHAT DOES IT TAKE PEOPLE?!

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