Tuesday, June 07, 2005

detroit poker group represents!!!!

From poker player newspaper online…

Standings from WSOP event #3
9th Place – Tony Ma plays a short-stack as well as anyone in poker. He came in desperately hoping to double up, and did better than that. He tripled up. Twenty minutes into the finale, Ma moved ‘all in’ with K-K. Arash Ghaneian had A-Q and a third player, Ernest Patrick had 8-8. The flop came K-J-J – good for a full-house -- which catapulted Ma back into the game. Meanwhile, Patrick was down to the felt and exited in 9th place. Ernest Patrick, a 56-year-old builder from Birmingham, MI, collected $29,560.

Ernie “the captain” Patrick plays with us in the Detroit Motown poker group!!! He cashed, final table, in the Event #3 pot limit Hold ‘em event! Woot!

Read some of his hand history and the full artictle via this link

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