Monday, June 27, 2005

lack of updates

I was out of the country.
An old friend came in from out of town.
My suit didn't come back from the cleaners.
I ran out of gas.
I had a flat tire.
Someone stole my car.
There was an earthquake, a terrible flood,
It wasn't my fault.

ok, the first on is true. Plus, I decided to "take stock" and review my play. I fell back to PSO and have been practicing. I think I has worked through my blockage.

The new Harrington book is out. Excellent. Really first rate. But can you apply it? I don't worry because most people can't or won't. Too lazy. I will continue to study, practice, and improve... they will not. At least that is the theory that people who were not jocks in high school cling to.

Better results in ring games so far, and next I'll return to large field tournaments. But the BIG think is guessing hands based on betting patterns. Need more "real time" practice. I think I will do some more "watching".

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