Wednesday, June 08, 2005

know your game

remember I said I wanted to play a couple of $1, 5 table PS tourneys for practice. Well, I played one and finished 2nd. Why, because I knew how I needed to play to finish and played that way. I have been practicing at these level and these blinds and improving. Then, on Wed, I attend a 45 person tourney and I blow it big time. Why? Well, because the game was different and I was not. There were 8 at the table and not 9 or 10. Blinds were going up rapidly, almost every 3 rotations. So I should have started playing more aggressively in round 3 instead of 5. I played too tight and bled off my chips. Bad josh? Well, I made the right decision each time. I never continued with a hand that would have lost. But that is not good enough when the blinds are rocketing upwards. You have to win some hands regardless of the cards. 3 times I made a move, all three ran into big big hands. Not my night. But I still played too tight in rounds 3 & 4.

Know the game you are in.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog, man..!

(Erm. In your title, "chronicle" is missing an h. Apologies - orthographical geek.)