Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why do I torture myself?

I decided to play a 2 table SnG at PS just so I can feel like I can play cards again. I took second. Had first sewn up, until back to back suck outs. Still, 2nd. So, back to the cash tables. Up a few bucks at PS, then I lose two $10 hands at Noble where I paid off a big river bet. Some people never learn. Me that is. Gez. I need my head beat in. Oh, nevermind. Just did that. Ouch.

Why am I SO much better at tournaments?

Whatever you do, don't play at Noble poker. SO many times I am hearing complaints on hanging games folding your hands when you have the nuts. I've had it happen to me on two occasions before, but I figured they fixed it. Well, this time the entire app CRASHES. I had it happen to me twice TONIGHT. Just a few minutes ago the entire java app crashed for the SECOND time when I have AA on the button. I raised a dollar and it crashed AFTER the raise and it still folded me. Gez. Just don't play there. Screw their bonus, I am done with them.

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