Monday, August 01, 2005

the boy on the plastic bubble

3 table MTT last night. Pays 6 places, I am in 6th with 8 left. The two shorter stacks both double up. Then someone makes a fatal blunder. There are now 7 left and I am the short stack.

I fold AJo with two players in before me. I fold AQs when a player gets re-raised in front of me. I even muck AQo when a player goes all in on my BB. I double up when A8o calls my AK in the BB. He tried a steal and I went all in. He called.

So now it should be easy to get into the money. Then, something inexplicable happens. I develop A.D.D. I start playing with songs on winamp and paying less attention than I should. I get dealt AQs and I stop playing with winamp. A player in LP goes all in (he has me covered). It looks like an easy fold, but suddenly I call?!!?!? What in the world? I am a dog against AK, AA, KK, QQ and a race against any other pair. Am I hoping he did this with AJ? Did I even put that much thought into it? no, I GAMBLED. Why? I played so well until this point.

I think I experienced what "madasow" calls a "blow up". I just left my game and reacted haphazardly. a classic choke. Man, I hope I learn from this one. Do you know how hard I worked to get out of 7th just to end up in 7th?

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