Monday, August 15, 2005

Sit N Go hell

5 Sit N Gos, in the money ONCE. It got so bad, that I got a guy to bet all in with a flush when I had the nut flush and he hits a ONE outer on the river for the straight flush. WTF? I play hard, I don't get any chips. I play slow on one lousy hand and a guy hits a one outer?

What's worse, I am shying away from strong hands. I am the short stack with 5 left and I get dealt TT. I raise it 4xBB and steal the blinds. I am not willing to voluntarily see a flop because I have not hit one since Scott F'in Baio was on TV.

I really need therapy. "Somebody Help the Captain!!" -Actor William Shatner courtesy of a Star Trek blooper reel from the 1960s.

Seriously, I must have a leak now the size of the hole in the SS Minnow. I can't seem to get it right. I can no longer tell where I am. "Oh the pain. The pain" -Doctor Zachary Smith. I need help. Maybe some sort of shock therapy. Everything I make a mistake, I can shock myself. Yeah, that's it... I'll be right back!


Acesfull said...

Now what would you do with pocket 66- 4x the BB raise, 2 callers. Flop is 8,7,2 you make a ½ pot continuation bet and get one fold and one guy that comes over the top of you all in. What do you ? Call or fold??

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I assume you are saying that you had 66 in EP and made it 4xBB. You got two callers. (Either they were in position or they were the blinds? I assume they are in LP and the blinds fold.) A continuation bet seems good to me here and then he comes over the top to tell you the pot is his. Unless I am short stacked, I let this go. I fold. Especailly if this is a SnG and there is 7+ players left. I never like to call big bets until we are short handed and I can get a better read on the plays.