Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quick Exit

Well, I went out in the Hoy last night in 2 hands. I played not a single hand in level 1 and was getting antsy. I was determined NOT to piss away chips early. But its level two and I even fold KJo UTG. Next round I get QdJd utg and do a raise just to play a hand. I get just the BB caller. (oops). The flop is 2dKdAc. The BB checks, I bet 2/3 pot as a continuation and BB min raises. I got trapped. Obvious, but I call as I have odds still. But the turn is a K pairing the board and he bets 1/2 pot. Despite a paired boarded and slightly less than the odds needed, I call suspicious that he has a K, got lucky and I will break him if a diamond comes or a Ten. Instead a black nine comes and he checks. I check back, knowing its a second trap and he shows AK. I am out 1/2 my stack. He played it well.

Second hand it folded around to me in the SB and I look at KQs. I rause and the BB puts me all in. I have to call and he has A5s. And Ace right out the door send me home.

But why did I chase that flush?

1. lack of concentration. My mind was miles away.
2. I was playing alot of HORSE lately and limit mentality might have been in play. i.e. not risk adverse enough.

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