Thursday, June 14, 2007

Taking Stock and Kicking Ass

After playing with the bloggers for a weekend, I had to admit somethings to myself. The hardest was that I am not as good as I SHOULD be after 3 years of being a wanna-be.

1. I dont read hands well! I read SITUATIONS well, but not hands. I am going to start recording hands as I play them and write down what I think my opponent has on every street.

2. Because of #1, I am too risk adverse on the turn with lowers my EV. I need to use the turn for PRESSURE.

3. I still struggle with calling raises with marginal cards despite being in position. After the first raise goes in, I tighten up considerably. This is ok in a tournament, but foolish in a cash game where people are raising up with A5s.

4. I am not aggro at a loser table. BUT I FIXED THAT MONDAY. I walked over the bridge to the TI, plocked down $60 for the 10pm tourney and chopped with the other 2 remaining players when the blinds got too high for sanity. I was SUPER-AGGRO all night, until the bubble, where I watch the short stacks committ suicide...

I have a new goal... and its nasty... (cue eye of the tiger?)

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