Monday, June 25, 2007

What’s a precipice?

I played in the "riverchasers" 3 table HORSE MTT yesterday. Get a load of this:

After the first hour, I was chip leader.

After the second hour, I was LAST (second to last?) and down to a VERY short stack. Basically, any hand I play, I am committed to.

At the final table I was the CHIP LEADER with 8 left (pays 4).

I bubbled and went out 5th?!

What the heck is wrong with me? How does one go from Chip Leader, to LAST, to Leader, to bubble??!!!

Am I any better at all? or just suddenly more volatile?


HighOnPoker said...

Those HORSE MTTs are brutal. The blinds seemingly go up so fast that you ARE committed once you get to the first Stud Hi level or Stud 8 level.

Mike Maloney said...

Well, I'll take credit for your second drop off, since we got it all in on fourth street with concealed Aces, only I had the flush draw which I runner-runner'd on you.

But yeah, HORSE is brutal like that. Taking a hand to showdown more often than not leads to a big pot, and if you're on the wrong end your stack is gone in a hurry.

Plus, when HORSE donkeys like me end up winning, you know it's rigged anyways and you had no shot from the get go.

teresa said...

maybe youre getting too (for lack of a better word) cocky when you get a lot of chips in front of you?

Maybe not.

I'd check my HH tho and see what kinds of calls I was making with marginal hands.

Or maybe it was just poorly timed strings of variance.