Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shopping and WPBT7 banner

In preperation for yet another business trip (which bookends the summer classic), I went clothes shopping. I usually HATE it, but this time it was almost magical. I walked into the store and it was as if someone had said, "hey, all that stuff YOU like but was never in vogue?? Well, now its all you baby!" Everything that I thought was always cool is now cool. (How long can THAT possible last!?)

Despite the good time, I had to rush back for riverchasers. Why? because you need to be in the top twenty and its not weighted for # of events played. If it was, I would be in. But having missed a good dozen or so, I am like 27th. So, I need to play today.

I would propose a new point structure for next time... Weighted as long as you play 1/2 the events, with token points for being in the top half, points for the final table, points for cashing and bonus points for winning. Weighted by # of events played.

BUT, I am not complaining!!! This has been a GREAT effort by AlCantHang to even do it! Awesome.

and now... a banner

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AlCantHang said...

You might have mis-read. The freeroll is for the Top 50 points PLUS anyone who plays in at least 20 events. You're golden.

Have a blast in Vegas. Wish I could make it.