Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saint Bayne

Not unlike a grease stain on a wall that looks like Elvis, railbirds and players alike last night were witness to a very rare event. The canonization of Saint Bayne.

His ascension completed at approximately 1:10am, as he won the "Monday at the Hoy" tournament, which culminated in a unanimous vote of poker playing cardinals, hereto anointing Bayne, The Patron Saint of Card Racks.

As if auditioning for the part, Saint Bayne took great pride in stealing my blinds with some of his more marginal hands such as AJ, AQ, AK, JJ and AA. When he saw a flop, he had much better cards. Top Pair became almost a sign of the devil, which Bayne would vanquish with a simple flick of the wrist.

At the final table, almost as if on cue, the table glowed and so did Saint Bayne, winning each and every hand he touched. The players, unable to muster any more resistance, watched in awe as we were dismissed one by one.

So let it be know, that today is Saint Bayne day. 6/26. Mark it on the most paper of calendars, lest we forget to bring the pope-mobile to Vegas in December for his emminence.

Oh yeah, I came in third.


brdweb said...

We put up a helluva fight though didn't we Columbo? :)

Good showing last night and at least you didn't get taken out by me!

bayne_s said...

columbo: but bayne, you are a calling station!
columbo: I read that!
columbo: "not in a row"
columbo: aw my
columbo: ty
columbo: gg
columbo: 99 no goot?
columbo: gg
columbo: feh
columbo: I owed you that one
columbo: bayne... CALL
columbo: you're supposed to CALL
columbo: hoy said so
columbo: your not a short stack!
columbo: grrrr
columbo: eyes on your own table bird
columbo: gez
columbo: ?!
columbo: but I have the 8!
columbo: crap
columbo: yeah, what the hell?
columbo: GRRRRRR!
columbo: tiki drinks for me!
columbo: with the umbrella
columbo: gez bayne.
columbo: I start typing and when I look back you have a fraking tower
columbo: gez bayne
columbo: lol mean
columbo: CASH!
columbo: ding ding ding
columbo: gg
columbo: MNO
columbo: you freaking card ... oh . uum... never mind!
columbo: curious?
columbo: 6 left?
columbo: I am getting rail heckled by meanhappy
columbo: cards....
columbo: bayne
columbo: argh
columbo: bit of an "over bet" maybe?
columbo: I hate y
columbo: freaking baby pairs
columbo: GRRRRRR
columbo: GEZ!
columbo: shoots dirty look
columbo: WTF?
columbo: I HAVE AK!
columbo: bayne must have a freaking rack of Kings
columbo: what I tell u
columbo: gg
columbo: nice run!
columbo: gg iggy!
columbo: GEZ!
columbo: HOW?!
columbo: are u kidding? where u been?
columbo: 28 for 28
columbo: gooo!
columbo: raise me card rack!
columbo: no way!

I don't know how it happened that way but I think AJs or 99 was the worst hand I raised your blinds with all tourney.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

The horseshoe will fall SOMETIME!

:-) Good Game anyway!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice writeup of what last night was really like, Ray. Great job in the Hoy btw.

lj said...


Anonymous said...

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