Tuesday, June 19, 2007

strange days

The Hoy last night:
Pocket Kings FOUR times...
Won 3 races, all of which sent a player to the rail...
Had an Average stack with 20 left (just in the points)...

I LIMP with a small pocket pair.
LP players bets 3xBB (which is pretty big now). I have about 10xBB total (despite being avg stack).
I figure that the limp, all-in may look like aces and if I get called I am probably a slight favorite. I push 44 into what turns out to be AK.
Flop is AKx and IGHN.

Was I foolish and impatient or was it just my time? I noticed in reflecting on my play, that I dont think I see enough flops and instead rely on odds when the blinds are large. Good or bad?


MacAnthony said...

In tournament play, I'm of the opinion that once I have only 10x the BB, then limping has left my repertoire of moves. With a small pair in EP or MP, I typically decide based on my image and the players image after me, if I want to make a raise (including allin) or to fold.

Online tourneys put so much pressure on stacks, that you need to get lucky enough times to have a chance. Winning coin flips and 60/40s are just a big part of that.

Anonymous said...

Columbo's limp looks good compared to mac's all-in with 44. If you limp-reraise, you steal 3x what you would have by just pushing preflop. And you lose the same amount if called.

I usually push like mac says, but maybe with 10x the limp-reraise is a better move.

OhCaptain said...

I think I agree with mac on this one. Once I reach 10xBB, my chips will move in unison. People know the rest are going in.

To me, its most important to consider who's left to come in the betting. What range of hands are they likely to call you with at this point. For me, position is critical in my thought process and whether someone has opened the pot.

When you have 44 at this point, you really don't want to be called anyway. You are at best a coin flip to almost every hand. The odds of you dominating someone...well...those are slim. You want a fold and to steal the dead money.