Monday, December 07, 2009

the $42k (now with more k!)

Wow, the $32k has ballooned to the $42k with 2200 runners instead of the usual 1200-1400. That is a big field folks.

I double up early vs. some dead money and then with a slightly above average stack, had to go pick my daughter at school (unscheduled). I 'sat out' and when I returned I was 20% below average. So.... when it was folded around to the SB and my opponent shoved for $4k (I had about $7k, avg was $9k), I decided to call with A6o. Loose? Maybe, but you know he has ATC. In this case K8o. No one hits jack-squat and I have an average stack again. Then, not a few moments later, I am moved to a new table and dealt JJ in EP. I raise and get a caller from the BB. So the pot is 2k and the flop is 789.

And then he bets POT. I think this was a mistake for 1 reason, I knew his exact hand at this point. TT. I figure he has 8 outs twice, so I shove and he calls... showing the expected TT. No changes on the turn and river and I am sitting pretty with 300 to the money.

I leaked and blinded down to average with 456 left (pays 234) with 14.5k in chips. Staying away from obvious trouble with an M just around 15. The blinds are beginning their squeeze now and its time to get some decent hands. Small ball is coming to a close.

I keep getting 88 in EP. I play it once and fold it once. Tough spot. Getting grind down by the blinds... Down, down, down. I have a tenancy to over react when this happens and shut down, playing only the best cards. But in this case, I was really getting a run of junk. I needed something good to come my way. I try to force something with KJs from EP and my tight image let me pick up the blinds for the first time in 2 rotations. 334 left, 100 to the money. M around 10. Antes killing me now, but BLO (big-little-offsuit) hands are not going to help.

And then, again with the 88, only this time in the SB. Looks like a re-steal hand opportunity. Almost like it was planned, the cutoff makes it 3200 and I shove 10k, which he calls. I look up to see he has KJo! 88 holds and I get to cash today. I am surprised that KJ does not fold to a 3x all-in, but there you are.

Or do I?, Two rotations later, the same guy shoves all-in for 9k from the cutoff and I have JJ in the BB and call. He has K6o and good goes to better when he comes up empty. I know some players steal based on tendencies, but K6o? Do my stats somehow warrant that after I already took half his chips with 88?

10 to the bubble and again JJ in EP. I raise it to 3x and get a caller from a MP. And the flop is AQ9. Gez. I make a very weak, check-fold. This guy has a tight range. I am still 2k above average. Until the blinds come of course. But we are at the actual bubble when someone gets the Kobiashi Naru. AA UTG and the BB is a giant stack that calls most all-ins. The guy shoves his AA and the giant stack calls with 78s. AA becomes the bubble boy, of course. The insanity continues when very shortly thereafter, I call a shorty all-in with my QQ and make DQB! I cant wait to yell THAT in the blogger tournament this weekend. See you soon!

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