Friday, December 04, 2009

A dusting of snow...

I have not had poker posts here for about 2 weeks as I took the family to visit grandparents in Florida and got hooked on Borderlands (xbox). But I do have my monthly league game on Saturday, followed up by a weekend of poker debauchery.

I noticed something while I was in Florida. The Japanese have a word for it. Of course, I dont know what it is, I dont speak Japanese, but I know they have a word for it. It describes the feeling one gets when they grew up with the seasons changing (as all of Japan does) and then they relocate to someplace like California or Florida where the seasons are all similar. You get this sorta of melancholy angst. It happened to me in Florida and it was a first for me, a cold hater. Yet, as I watch my childhood visions grow old on the TV, and epic movie series relaunches, I realize that its ok. But to halt some unnecessary rambling, I need to hit the satellite circuit in January and start focusing on WSOP 2010. I was so close to cashing in the event 39 donkament (I just had to stave off an insane all-in call from AK with my big pair) that I know I am getting way better at this game.

I closed the monster leak I had, which was getting over involved with good hands pre-flop (ironically, NO ONE I player with at event 39 would, they would just shove and pray and 1 of them would have prayers answered) like AK, AQ, or even QQ when the call would be insanely large (like 50 BB). I hope this is one of the final pieces to the puzzle.

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