Monday, December 07, 2009

Kicked in the Jimmy!

I finished 8th at league night, going out when my AQ failed to double up against A8. Happens. No news there.

But what happened AFTER that is the stuff of legend...

I am offered a +EV chance of a lifetime. To play and teach Razz to two guys (short-handed) with the nicknames yum-yum and pork-chop at $1/$2 with a $1 ante. Oh my god, pinch me I am dreaming...

Cut to 1 hour later, where said pork-chop has all the chips at the table, including my $60. And even 3 handed, I only recall 3 hands where and 8 or better didn't take the pot. How someone can catch gifts cards like a mother at her baby shower turns out to be far beyond me.

I run goot. See you in Vegas Thursday.

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