Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Strange Results

How after all these years do I DROP 1/2 buy-in at 1-2, but pick up 3x my buy-in playing 7game mix? Most unexpected.

As I get ready for the holidays, I would like to register a complaint as to how fast this year passed me by. Despite major events, including a broken back, it seems like its all rushed like watching a bullet train pass by.

Looks like for a job I was not sure I wanted, I have quickly become the go-to guy for the CEO, and with good reason. I am amazingly good at what I do, which in all modesty make me shake my head when I miss out on some opportunity I apply for. What are these people/companies looking for? [deleted rest of tirade was here]

Still, things are not bad in any way. As Joe Walsh said, "I can't complain, but some times I still do."

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