Thursday, December 03, 2009

WPBT goals 2009 edition

I love the winter blogger events, mostly because it is very easy to fall into the crowd and just inherit new friends each year. I have had fun, learned about life and poker, and stayed in contact with a group (not easy for me).

But I have been a bit of a corporate prude in my personal life. I was always afraid that there are permanent repercussions to bad behavior, including perhaps SOMEONE FINDING OUT! Being in a entirely new position now, I feel little need for restraint.

Mrs. Columbo just finished her final "junior" semester for her BS-RN (She is an RN now) which assures us an income even in a dour economy. But even with this sad economy, I am working at a small company helping them grow and survive. I even turned down a job last spring! Well, I did fall down the stairs and break my back, so that did have something to do with turning it down also.

So up comes my Vegas weekend and here are some goals:

1. Actually PLAY pai-gow instead of watch.
2. Win the blogger event instead of coming in lame 5th.
3. Drink
4. Go with the flow, even if the flow = "steel panthers".
5. Play poker. (in best Clint Eastwood voice) "Alot of poker". (remember to buy all $1 chips kids!)

See you next Thursday!

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See you there!